A love song for the book version of Ginny Weasley.


I just saw Ginny Weasley
Why do I feel like
I’ve been bitten by a doxy?

How come I never noticed
She came out of her shell
And now I just can’t focus

Is this how it feels
to be struck by lightning
Head over heels
And I can’t stop falling

I lost my courage
I’ve been disarmed
Then she cast a summoning charm


There’s just something ’bout the
Way she slings that bat bogey hex
That sets off the baby
monster that’s inside of my chest

Been a rebel ever
Since she learned that
anything is possible if
you’ve got enough nerve

She’s killer at impressions
And playing quidditch, she
out-flies the competition

A seeker and a chaser
Better not mess with her
cause then you’ll have to face her

Taking on bullies
double her size
If she wins the duel
I won’t be surprised

This witch holds her own
With six older brothers
Ginny, you’re not like the others


Don’t cross her or you’ll get hexed
Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next (x3)

Don’t cross her or you’ll get hexed
Can’t wait to see what’s coming next



from With You, Whatever Happens, released October 23, 2018
Written and performed by Lauren Fairweather. Drums by Jarrod Perkins. Bass by Brian Ross. Keyboards by Mike Stein. Mixing and additional instruments by Justin Abel. Mastered by Stephen Pettyjohn.


all rights reserved



Lauren Fairweather Cranston, Rhode Island

Mostly acoustic indie songs about books, TV shows, and other fandom love.

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