With You, Whatever Happens

by Lauren Fairweather

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Evan Lauren, you have total outdone yourself with this album! It is amazing! Favorite track: With You, Whatever Happens.
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tsukidag I come to Laurens music again and again when I need something cheery- almost deceptively so? Because her music Brings me back to Wrock shows and LeakyCon and the spaces that make me feel most accepted, which is a blessing when it feels so far away.

This is just another gorgeous example of her wonderful work. THANK YOU. Favorite track: Home.
Laura Mater
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Laura Mater I'm always in awe of how Lauren's music make me feel both so very sad and happy at the same time. I'm always reminded of the warmth and friendship from cons and wrock events and gives me hope in my day-to-day life. Favorite track: Lost and Found.
Nerve 03:05
I just saw Ginny Weasley Why do I feel like I’ve been bitten by a doxy? How come I never noticed She came out of her shell And now I just can’t focus Is this how it feels to be struck by lightning Head over heels And I can’t stop falling I lost my courage I’ve been disarmed Then she cast a summoning charm Chorus: There’s just something ’bout the Way she slings that bat bogey hex That sets off the baby monster that’s inside of my chest Been a rebel ever Since she learned that anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve She’s killer at impressions And playing quidditch, she out-flies the competition A seeker and a chaser Better not mess with her cause then you’ll have to face her Taking on bullies double her size If she wins the duel I won’t be surprised This witch holds her own With six older brothers Ginny, you’re not like the others Chorus Don’t cross her or you’ll get hexed Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next (x3) Don’t cross her or you’ll get hexed Can’t wait to see what’s coming next Chorus
I peeked in here and looked up there And checked once more right down the hall I took some parchment and a quill And pinned my note up on the wall You see, I've lost all my possessions Some people hide them all around I guess you think I'm a bit odd So I'll just wait until they're found So here's a list of my missing books and clothes In case you should find any of those Chorus 1 So please return my things I'm not looking for a fight But you've taken my belongings Though I guess that it's alright Cause I know they'll come back I'm just not really sure when Still, they always seem to turn up in the end I took the list and signed my name And chose a seat in this dusty place A pub's a strange spot for a meeting They answered questions, made their case Some folk are just so narrow-minded They need to see things to believe But they can't stop us from learning Cause we refuse to stay/be naive I've always known there's darkness lurking out there Now I've finally found people who care Chorus 2 And here we are Casting spells behind the door And we'll keep tossing sparks Till we're ready for the war And we will stand our ground Until the very end This feels almost like having friends Chorus 1 Chorus 2 This feels almost At least I think this feels almost This feels almost like having friends.
Hufflepuff 03:10
Did you know that Hufflepuff’s the best kept secret at Hogwarts? If you stopped to pay attention You would notice We never break any rules And we don’t wanna get caught Why is our reputation Defined by who we’re not? We are always working hard And that’s just part of who we are You’ve gotta admit, we get things done When we party, get excited Because everyone’s invited When we’re all together, it’s more fun Chorus We’re Hufflepuff! We’ve got your back And the best snacks Next door to the kitchens Hufflepuff! We’ll stick around Wipe off that frown Cause our house is witchin’ Back in 1998 We fought in the battle of Hogwarts We just stayed, there was no question That’s who we are Some people think we’re a bore They’re entitled to their opinion But with the way the world is now Kindness is an act of rebellion I’m not angry, I won’t shout But I just think you’re missing out On friends who would stand by you any day Plus we’ve got some comfy chairs And we could tame your Devil’s Snare This friendly Hufflepuff is here to stay Chorus
Hey there! It's been a while. You missed a lot, so listen here Ghost hasn't gone out of style But I could've sworn it's been nineteen years Oh this must be my lucky day Who stumbled in but a couple of boys Now I am so happy to say I snagged a Potter and a Malfoy! Wuh oh wuh oh I've got a reputation Wuh oh and it's no cause for celebration So I'm saying hello to the next generation You can call me Myrtle Elizabeth Warren Myrtle Elizabeth Warren Myrtle Elizabeth Warren My job has changed since we last met I advocate for human rights Remotely taking on each threat So call your reps and join the fight When people tried to silence me I stood my ground and I resisted Because we need equality And nevertheless, I persisted Wuh oh wuh oh I've got a reputation Wuh oh and yeah it's cause for celebration So I'm standing up for the next generation You can call me Myrtle Elizabeth Warren Myrtle Elizabeth Warren Myrtle Elizabeth Warren Nevertheless, I persisted (repeat) You can call me Myrtle Elizabeth Warren Myrtle Elizabeth Warren Myrtle Elizabeth Warren.
You overheard And the word is they Might close the school What if they close the school? And then you say That either way You won’t be coming back here You’re not coming back Well we knew you would say that And Harry, we’ll be coming with you We’ve all been through so much But there’s still so much to do Chorus Know that we’re here We’re not going anywhere We’ll stand beside you in the dark And we’ll fight You’ve got a long way to go We’ll keep you company on the road You don’t have to do his all alone You have us And we’re with you, whatever happens We’ll stick together We’ve taken measures To protect the ones we’ll be leaving behind Fighting a war You said before There was time to turn back Well we’re not turning back We’ve been packing for days so We’re ready to leave any time now We know perfectly well What could happen but we’re going anyhow Chorus
Math 03:23
We were great star-crossed lovers I’d tell you about it if I could But I won’t tell you our story It will die with us, as it should If I tried, I’d disappear Into a puddle of tears So I will talk about math instead, instead Chorus Oh I’m not a mathematician – wuh oh wuh oh – but I do know That there are infinite numbers between one and zero And I am so very grateful – oh that okay – is our always Cause you gave me a forever within the numbered days You were a welcome addition So I’m thankful that 1+1 is 2. Cause you’re one in a million And I don’t wanna see a world without you There are days when I resent The small size of our set Because I want more numbers than we’re likely to get, to get Chorus There’s no place I’d rather be Than in our little infinity But the world is not a wish granting factory Chorus
Happy Song 03:27
I haven’t written a full song in ages I’ve scribbled notes and then ripped out the pages You would think I’m not inspired And I’m really getting tired I know that I can write about heartbreak But when I try now, I just get a headache Cause you have turned my life around Now I bet you can guess what I have found I didn’t know what to write about But now I think I’ve got it figured out Chorus: I’m the happiest I’ve ever been In case you couldn’t tell by my grin And it has been way too long So I’ll start writing happy songs Start writing happy songs. I freaking love your laugh and the way I have to work for it You won’t just hand em out, and that’s why I adore it It’s never been like this with any other guy It’s been a year and you still give me butterflies No matter what goes wrong, you make it all better When I’m with you, it’s like nothing else matters And you’re one of the best people I know Without a fight, I’m not gonna let you go I couldn’t figure out what to do But all I need to know is I’ve got you Chorus I’m so happy that we’re together This past year has been the best year ever Chorus
Home 03:12
Can’t believe they’re done And two thousand seven’s so far gone Oh but don’t be scared Cause the books aren’t going anywhere JK Rowling once said that Hogwarts will always Be there to welcome you home Just like magic, it seems These books can make you Feel like you’re never alone Chorus: You’ve become a part of me And I take you wherever I go Harry, I’m coming home Harry, I’m coming home And time it passes by, but No matter how far I roam Harry, I’m coming home Harry, I’m coming home I’m coming home Now my bags Are packed Better watch out cause I’m coming back To a place I know And there’s nowhere else I’d rather go There are places out there Where people get you People will understand That it’s not just a book It’s your childhood And it’s music, so join the band Chorus I’m coming home I’m coming home I’m coming home It feels like home It feels like home This feels like home Chorus
Hey! We left school, we’re on the run now Hey! The rules stopped working out for me Hey! But I’m not phased, I’ve done the research Hey! I’m as ready as I’ll ever be Prechorus It’s time to stop reading And start writing, Hermione Put down those history books And start making history Chorus: The time has come to take a stand So we’re taking matters into our own hands Now it’s up to us We know we’re young and we don’t care With the ministry in charge, we went nowhere And now it’s up to us Hey! We’ve been through so much already Hey! We took on every task we crossed Hey! I just know something bigger’s coming We’ll face it! No matter what the cost Prechorus Chorus Cause I’m the Spell casting Riddle solving –Hermione Granger Potion brewing Research gathering Time traveling – Hermione Granger Hermione Granger Prechorus Chorus
You learned to ride a bike You learned to tie your shoes And you learned you could do anything That you put your mind to You could be a famous artist You could be a big rockstar and you could even change the world As long as you try really hard Before you know it, there are exceptions to the rule What if all you want to do just isn’t taught in school? If you’ve been discouraged, what you want may feel less clear So let me tell you what you need to hear Chorus: Oh, the things you create Make the world a better place Don't settle for someone else's dream It'll be really tough But know that you are good enough Do what you love and don't look back I’ve always been different I never took the easy road And I’ve got so many things to say That I just might explode Making beauty out of nothing Posting for the world to see Then my family started asking What will soon become of me But I can handle it… I don’t need you to understand All I ask is that you please accept me for who I am I already know that there are no guarantees All I really wanted was for someone to tell me… Chorus If you accept that and feel it deep down in your soul Then you, my friend, can finally stand up and take control Be who you are You're not anyone but you And you won't need their approval They won't be able to stop you Chorus
Ever since I was a kid I couldn’t explain the things I did Thought it would make my family proud Instead it kind of freaks them out If there’s a place where I could go To step outside the status quo I’d tackle every lesson plan If I could stop hiding who I am Petunia told me you’re lying She just won’t believe you Says there is no Hogwarts So Sev, is it really true? Chorus: But it’s real for us It’s real for us Doesn’t matter what the muggles say Cause it’s real for us It's real for us Oh, it's real for us It doesn't matter what the muggles say Cause it's real for us He says they’ve cast protective charms To keep the school away from harm Hidden away from muggle eyes They couldn’t find it if they tried I just can’t wait to go and see So many people just like me Cause all I’ve wanted for so long Is to find a place where I belong It’ll come by owl A letter just for me Is this really happening? Cause it feels just like a dream Chorus We can do magic Can do magic Can do magic If we stand together Stand together Stand together Chorus


After seven years of songwriting and touring (an entire Hogwarts education), Lauren Fairweather returns with the full band wizard rock album of her dreams. These mostly upbeat, acoustic guitar-centered indie pop songs focus on female characters in the Harry Potter series - along with a few muggle songs and one inspired by The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Keep an ear out for a guest appearance from the other half of The Moaning Myrtles and be sure to thank anyone you know who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign that made this album possible.


released October 23, 2018

Written and performed by Lauren Fairweather. Drums by Jarrod Perkins. Bass by Brian Ross and Matt Maggiacomo (tracks 6 and 8). Keyboards by Mike Stein and Nina Jankowicz (tracks 4 and 8). Lead guitar by Matt Maggiacomo (tracks 5 and 9). Track 4 co-written with Nina Jankowicz. Track 10 co-written with Evie Džomba. Mixing and additional instruments by Justin Abel. Mastered by Stephen Pettyjohn. Track 3 mastered by Dan Brennan. Group vocals directed by Olivia Dolphin. Illustrations by Marsupial Pudding. Special thanks to Karin Westman and Kristin Schaer. Funded by fans on Indiegogo.


all rights reserved



Lauren Fairweather Cranston, Rhode Island

Acoustic indie songs about books, TV shows, and other fandom love.

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