The Magicians Sessions

by Lauren Fairweather

Escape 03:46
This desk saved my life This is where they were written The words that kept me alive My brain breaks sometimes Then I find myself reaching For those familiar spines When I get lost inside the pages I just feel all of my pain melting away At least for a day Chorus I just need a good fantasy To help me cope with this agony Take me out of this moment And let the magic carry me So even when my heart aches And I’m not in the best shape I can reach for a well-worn book To give me an escape Will this time be my downfall? Feeling like I’ll be crushed Under the weight of it all But somehow, you got through To a world that was waiting For someone just like you I can’t wait to get to the good part You gave me hope that it gets brighter ‘round the bend If I hold on ‘til the end Chorus Instrumental Break When you grow up You don’t have to give up What you loved when you were younger Chorus
Braver 05:09
I am trapped in my memories Reliving my deepest regrets Then it finally hit me The one that I’d tried to forget When someone good and true loved me And he went out on a limb I pretended it didn’t matter Snuffed it right out and watched it break him The truth is I was afraid And when I am afraid I run away So I ran away Cause you are more Than I felt like I deserved Wish I had been braver Why couldn’t I be braver And if I get one more chance to tell you how I feel Next time I’ll be braver You taught me to be braver. Did you know that I loved you That day we first laid out the tiles All the peaches and plums we could eat No signs of danger for miles In a whole other lifetime We grew old, had a family at that You and me, we worked for 50 years Who gets proof of concept like that? I hate that I was afraid But now I finally have the guts to say I’d choose you any day Cause you are all I could ever want and more Wish I had been braver Why couldn’t I be braver? And if I get one more chance to tell you how I feel Next time I’ll be braver You taught me to be braver. If I ever get out of here, Q Know that when I’m braver, it’s cause I learned it from you


This is a series of one-take performances of new songs inspired by The Magicians books by Lev Grossman and their TV show adaptation. As such, they are name your price. Any money you wish to contribute will help me to make more polished recordings in the future!


released April 1, 2020

Written, performed, and recorded by Lauren Fairweather.




Lauren Fairweather Cranston, Rhode Island

Acoustic indie songs about books, TV shows, and other fandom love.

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